How might expectations and execution of AI technology in warfighting drive conceptual thinking about AI-power in warfare?

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The Department of Defense observed that “AI is poised to transform every industry, and is expected to impact every corner of the Department, spanning operations, training, sustainment, force protection, recruiting, healthcare, and many others. Nonetheless, work is intensely underway by countries to assimilate AI applications and capabilities into military organizations, and harvest offset advantages from its' use in warfare.

Critics claim that a vast gulf exists between expectations with AI and the development of operational concepts and tenets (e.g., synergistic effects) to guide effective military execution for advantage.

The wide range of emerging AI applications suggest prospects for helping to enable new operational concepts and tactics in warfare at the level of systems-of-systems. When AI is applied as a system- of-systems capability it becomes amplified and offers a rather unique contributor to overall warfare power.

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