Judge Advocate Wargames

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The LeMay Center hosts or supports three capstone events for the Air Force Judge Advocate General School (AFJAGS): JAGWAR, JAGGED SWORD, and JAGZILLA. JAGWAR is a LeMay Center hosted, two-day event supporting the Judge Advocate Advanced Law and Leadership Course: GATEWAY. Air Force Officers in the grade of Major participate in this wargame. JAGGED SWORD is an AFJAGS hosted, one-day event that supports the Judge Advocate Staff Officer's Course. The target audience is US and International Officers newly assigned to the Judge Advocate General Corps career field. JAGZILLA is a one-day event supported by the LeMay Center and hosted by AFJAGS.

This wargame construct integrates students from the Staff Judge Advocate Course and Law Office Manager’s Course into individual wing-level legal teams. Air Force Officers identified for Wing Staff Judge Advocate positions and senior NCOs in the paralegal career field are the primary participants. All three wargames place students in a time-sensitive, fast-paced environment that test the individual student's ability to communicate, manage, and lead while tackling front-burner legal issues. The scenarios range from CONUS-based peacetime operations to day-to-day operations in a deployed, hostile environment.

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