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EPASS: Educational, Professional, and Administrative Support Services

The EPASS program is managed by the Air University Library and the 42d ABW Contracting Squadron (42d CONS). The EPASS Program Manager, Ning Sakorn‚Äč (somphavone.sakorn@us.af.mil), can assist with the process and provide templates and examples for the Purchase Request (PR) package.

What is EPASS?
• A mandatory-use contract vehicle for all Air University Educational Services requirements.
• Organizations must supply funding; EPASS does not provide financing.
• Non-AU organizations may also use EPASS for educational services.
• EPASS is a contracting program that uses established blanket purchase agreements (established pricing by type of job and degree level required) with approved vendors.
• The advantage of EPASS is that it saves time over traditional contracting when contracting for educational service requirements.

Examples of EPASS Domains and Labor Categories:
• Professional ServicesInstructors, Instructional Designers, Curriculum Developers, Course Developers, Instructor Training, and Professional Continuing Education (PCE) Training
• Research Services: Academic Research Support, Research Subject Matter Experts, and Laboratory Specialists
• Educational Technology: Simulation Support Specialist, Graphic Design Specialist, Media Specialist, Video/Film Production Specialist, Information Technology Professional Specialist, and Introduction of New Information Services and Products Specialist
• Administrative Support Services: Translation/Language Services, Financial Support Services, Program Support Services, Multimedia Services, Professional  Certificate Support Services, Educational Accreditation Support Services, Book Logistic Services, Public Relations/Strategic Communications Services,  Integrated Marketing Services, Challenge & Competition Services, Advertising Services, Training & Educational Materials Services,  Integrated Consulting Services, Program Management Services, Writing Proficiencies Services, Register/Transcript/Competency-Based Services, Assessment Leadership & Personality Services, Assessment Testing & Test Management Services, and Grant Writing Services

Using EPASS:
Customers must provide certified funding and complete a PR PackageThe process is coordinated with the EPASS Program Manager and submitted to 42d CONS. The required documents for submission depend on funding requirements:

     Under $250K:
     • EPASS Approval Letter
     • Form 9 Checklist
     • Statement of Work (SOW)
     • Coordinate SOW with Manpower, Civilian Personnel, and Security via email
     • Market Research
     • Independent Government Estimate (IGE)
     • Non-Personal Services Certification

     Over $250K:
     • EPASS Approval Letter
     • Form 9 Checklist
     • Performance Work Statement (PWS)
     • Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan (QASP)
     • Contract Support Approval (CSA) Letter with approved Requirements Approval Document (RAD)
     • Coordinate PWS with Manpower, Civilian Personnel, and Security via email
     • Market Research
     • Independent Government Estimate (IGE)
     • Non-Personal Services Certification
     • Task orders over $250k require a fully trained and duly appointed Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR) and Form.

     As needed for PR Packages:
     • AF Form 332 (Civil Engineering)
     • Communications-Computer Systems Requirements Document (CSRD)

Important to Note:
• Certified funds are required to accompany PR Packages.
• The EPASS program manager will provide templates for the PWS/SOW, Market Research, and IGEs and guide customers through the EPASS process.
• All EPASS task orders are for Non-personal Services (Contractor, not the government, supervises contract employees).
• All EPASS task orders are performance-based.
• The COR is responsible for inputting information into the Past Performance Information Retrieval System (PPIRS). In addition, if the contract is over $1M, the COR is responsible for inputting data into the Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System (CPARS).