Air Force Scribes program trial at Maxwell

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Alexa Culbert
  • Air University Public Affairs

Have you ever visited the clinic but felt that the doctor’s attention wasn’t fully on you? Well, the 42nd Medical Group Clinic is trying to solve that with the Air Force Scribes program.

The Air Force Scribes program brings a third person into the doctor’s office whose only job is to input information into the system so the doctor and patient can speak face- to-face without distractions.

“I’ve heard a few of the patients say that they feel that the doctor is paying more attention to them and they can hear him (the doctor) more clearly,” said Xzabean Moore, 42nd MDG scribe. “I feel it’s very important for the patient to feel like they have that connection with their physician and that they’re actually listening to them and invested in their health care.”

The scribes allow for the doctors to put their full attention on the patient, but they also free up some time that would have otherwise been spent typing at the computer.

Kimberly Rieves, 42nd MDG scribe, said that before the program, the doctors only had time to address one issue at each appointment, but now patients can discuss whatever is ailing them all at once, saving both the doctor and the patient time.

Although the Air Force Scribe program is only in its trial run, depending on the feedback given from the care providers and patients and whether there is an increase in appointment productivity, there may be a scribe in every office someday.

“I’m thankful and truly blessed to know that we are all here to do what we do and be a part of taking care of people,” said Kimberly Rieves, 42nd MDG Scribe.