AU Press releases four spring 2021 journals

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  • Air University Press

Air University Press’s four spring 2021 journal editions are available for download now. 
The journals include perspectives from U.S. senior-level military members and government civilians, peers and scholars and global perspectives from our neighboring Central and South Americans and, the newest offering, from the Indo-Pacific. 
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Air and Space Power Journal articles focus on air, space and cyber operations: See Black Space versus Blue Space: A Proposed Dichotomy of Future Space Operations and more
Strategic Studies Quarterly explores the space law of tomorrow or diplomacy in space, the missile defense “arms race” myth, outsourcing U.S. cyber capabilities and more:
The Journal of Indo-Pacific Affairs discusses the growing great-power rivalry in the Indo-Pacific, with articles from senior PACAF leaders and scholars tackling issues from the Quad to Arctic strategy and from international law to geoeconomics: 
Journal of the Americas examines operational, tactical and strategic lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic: