Cadet Training Officers take over Air Force ROTC Instagram during Special Warfare Orientation Course

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  • By Air University Public Affairs

Cadets will take over the Air Force ROTC Instagram account July 12, 2023, to highlight the Special Warfare Orientation Course.

SWOC is a two-week professional development opportunity for AFROTC and U.S. Air Force Academy cadets conducted at USAFA in Colorado Springs. This course is offered twice in the summers with the intent to prepare and recruit cadets interested in Air Force Special Warfare in becoming better and more confident candidates for the screening and selection process.

As the only officer Air Force specialty codes that require a pre-commissioning screener, providing more exposure to the mental, physical and educational aspects of special warfare can play a pivotal role in a cadet’s performance during the screener. The current selection rate is only 20-23 percent, and the career fields include Special Tactics, Tactical Air Control Party and Combat Rescue.

Cadets Zachary Hewett and Joshua Kolesar will host the takeover as both participated in SWOC last year and came back this summer to serve as Cadet Training Officers. Hewett is from AFROTC Detachment 030 at the University of Arkansas. He is a senior mathematics major and hopes to become a Combat Rescue Officer.

Kolesar is a senior from AFROTC Det 730 at the University of Pittsburgh. He is majoring in Mechanical Engineering and hopes to become a Special Tactics Officers in the Air Force.   

"This course pushes people in many ways and indues stress that most have little to no experience in, so being a peer mentor and sharing my reactions and emotions has been beneficial to me and hopefully the cadets participating,” said Kolesar. “We look forward to questions and hope to inspire folks to consider the attending the course in the future as all participates will learn more about themselves, working in a team to accomplish difficult missions. 

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