Lifeguards respond to car crash

  • Published
  • By Airman First Class Greydon Furstenau
  • Air University Public Affairs

Lifeguards from Maxwell Air Force Base responded to a car crash outside of the pool, June 17, 2023.

Landon Townsend, Jasmine Rudolph, Davis Bell, and Brianna Cooley were the lifeguards standing under the pool awning when they heard a loud crash and ran out to assist.

After noticing the crash could have resulted in a possible injury, two of the lifeguards pried one of the vehicle's doors open.

"I immediately started to talk to the victim and helped calm her down since I could tell she was deeply shocked," said Rudolph. "I asked her name, how old she was, and where she was going that day. Even then, she was still very upset and shocked about what happened, so I consoled her by letting her know it would all be OK."

Afterward, the police and firefighters arrived, and the lifeguards stepped back to give them some space while they checked the members involved.

"My main motive in talking to the drivers was to ensure their safety and for them to be able to share with us what they needed so we could help them," said Cooley. "I find myself running simulations in my mind to be sure that when accidents happen, and it's time to serve someone, I am prepared and trained to go through the motions and use the techniques."

The aquatics team demonstrated courage, responsiveness, and levelheadedness during the accident. The lifeguards were recognized and coined by Maj. Kevin Slaughter Jr., 42nd Force Support Squadron commander.

"Our lifeguards must undergo extensive and essential swim and rescue training throughout the summer, along with becoming certified in First-Aid, CPR, and acquiring the skills to handle unpredictable life-threatening accidents and illnesses that can happen anywhere," said Slaughter.  "When called to act, they are poised to step in and respond. What these lifeguards did demonstrated the formation's charge to be mission ready, mission focused."