Reserve lieutenant colonels, selects have until Oct. 3 to apply for AFROTC det commander positions

  • Published
  • By Bo Joyner
  • Air Force Reserve Command Public Affairs
Air reserve component lieutenant colonels and lieutenant colonel-selects interested in becoming Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps detachment commanders have until Oct. 3 to submit an application under the Voluntary Limited Period of Active Duty program.

There will also be a limited number of long-term Military Personnel Appropriation tours available to fill detachment commander positions. There are currently about 30 AFROTC detachment commander vacancies projected at colleges and universities throughout the United States and Puerto Rico.

The first-ever Total Force AFROTC Detachment Commander Selection Board will be held Oct. 18 to consider applicants for assignments starting in the summer of 2017.

The AFROTC Detachment Commander VLPAD program provides ARC line of the Air Force lieutenant colonels and lieutenant colonel-selects the opportunity to apply for extended active duty to be assigned to AFROTC detachment commander positions for a period of three years and one day.

While activated, selected officers will receive active-duty benefits but will remain on the Reserve Active Status List and meet mandatory reserve promotion boards when eligible.

ARC officers selected for this program will be ordered to EAD as outlined in Air Force Instruction 36-2008, Voluntary Extended Active Duty for Air Reserve Commissioned Officers.

The article “Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps Detachment Commander Voluntary Limited Period of Active Duty Program,” located on the myPers website, has detailed information on VLPAD AFROTC detachment commander openings, including eligibility criteria, the application process and medical clearance requirements. The article can be found at:

AFROTC detachment commander isn’t the only VLPAD program open to officers on the RASL. They can also apply for Air Force ROTC, Officer Training School, and Air Command and Staff College instructor; mission support group deputy commander; Air University faculty; MQ-1-9 and T-6 instrument simulator instructor and combat rescue officer positions in the regular Air Force.

Opportunities are also available for enlisted Airmen in a variety of career fields including maintenance, aircrew operations and command control systems operations.

VLPAD information is available and continuously updated on myPers. Click “Officer/Enlisted Voluntary Limited Period of Active Duty Program” from any reserve component assignments landing page to find detailed eligibility criteria and application procedures for each specific VLPAD program.

Reservists with specific questions about applying for a position under the VLPAD program should contact Col. Melissa Phillips, director of Reserve Forces at Air University, Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama, at 334-301-4334 or