Air University & Maxwell AFB News

  • USAFA Enlisted Faculty Members Visit AFIT

    The Air Force Institute of Technology hosted three enlisted faculty members from the United States Air Force Academy on 17 October.  The goal of the visit was to educate current AFIT enlisted master’s students about opportunities to teach at the Academy. 

  • One Lieutenant’s Journey from USAFA to Miss Colorado to Harvard

    From a young age, U.S. Air Force 2nd Lt. Madison Marsh had a love of science and a dream to be a pilot and astronaut.  Her parents encouraged her dreams, sending her to Space Camp when she was 13 years old where she met astronauts and fighter pilots.  Around that time, she learned about the United

  • Dollars to Pounds: AFIT CE Cost Estimating Across the Pond

    The 48th Civil Engineer Squadron at RAF Lakenheath, England hosted the Air Force Institute of Technology’s Civil Engineer School October 9 - 20 for an on-site offering of the Life Cycle Cost Estimating course (WENG 400) funded by the Air Force Civil Engineer Center.

  • AFIT Explores Collaborations with CMU-Africa

    Air Force Institute of Technology professor Dr. Aihua Wood traveled to Kigali, Rwanda in September to explore collaboration opportunities with Carnegie Mellon University-Africa.

  • Twin instructors have students seeing double

    Twin brothers Connor and Kyle Egbert share a bond as strong as concrete. Which is appropriate, considering they are both pavement instructors at the Air Force Institute of Technology’s Civil Engineer School and self-described “pavement nerds”.

  • AFIT’s Cyber 200 course recalibrated with increased operational focus

    The Air Force Institute of Technology’s School of Strategic Force Studies’ Joint Intermediate Cyber Operations course (Cyber 200) was recently recalibrated to complement the tactical cyber content with an increased focus on operational specialties and the interaction between the two mission sets.