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Research Task Forces (RTFs)

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Air University offers sponsors the chance to leverage the career-spanning population of students, full spectrum of MOS and expert SME guidance to work on problem sets of importance to the DAF.  The backbone of a Research Task Force (RTF) are two-term elective courses taken by a mixed group of AWC and ACSC students, recruited early in the school year and selected by faculty for what they bring to the discussion. This joint, collaborative environment allows researchers to bring their expertise and experience to formal academic scholarship guided by available AU faculty.  Sponsors interested in providing data sets, financial support, access to their own SMEs, outbrief slots, or multi-year iterative topics are welcome to contact us for further discussion. 

A RTF requires:

  • A sponsor 
  • Available faculty with appropriate expertise
  • Non-duplicative student interest at both ACSC and AWC (so no JADO RTF that competes with JWSS/JADS)
  • Specific problem set and desired deliverables.
  • External funding (if necessary).

If your organization is interested in sponsoring an RTF or other AU scholarship, please contact us at

Multiple RTFs study questions and develop research answers for specific leaders. Our research task forces, housed at the Air War College and at Air Command and Staff College, include the following for AY24:

Past Research Task forces include: