Research Task Forces (RTFs)

Drs. Margaret Sankey and Kenneth Johnson provide oversight of the University's Research Task Forces (RTFs) and support the Air University Chairs. If your organization is interested in sponsoring an RTF or other AU scholarship, please contact us at For more information on the RTFs, including the progress of past RTFs, please visit this guide: AU Research Task Force.

Multiple RTFs study questions and develop research answers for specific leaders. Our research task forces, housed at the Air War College and at Air Command and Staff College, include the following for AY21:

  1. Resiliency Research Task Force (HAF A1Z and Chaplains Corps)
  2. Russia Strategic Initiative Research Task Force
  3. Air Corps Tactical School 2.0 Research Task Force
  4. ISR
  5. The Deterrence Research Task Force (DRTF)
  6. Cyber
  7. Virtual/Augmented Reality and Related Technologies: Practical Applications for Learning in the National Security Enterprise