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Personnel in USSF

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What is the number of new accession enlisted needed to generate future USSF CMSgts? Take into account nominal promotion rates & attrition of enlisted. Does/doesn’t that exceed current new accession enlisted today? (51 OSS) What are the motivational factors of Airmen staying in space career fields? (50 OSS) What is the number of new accession officers needed to generate future USSF general officers? (50 OSS) What are the effects of additional commercial opportunities for space professionals on retention of officers and enlisted personnel in the USSF? (50 OSS)

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  • Titus, Lt. Col. Bryan M., "Establishing a Space Profession within the US Space Force," AWC PSP, 2020, 32 pgs. (published in Air & Space Power Journal; vol 34 no 3; Fall 2020; p10-28)