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Cyber Personnel Retention

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  • By ACC/A3/2/6KO
  • ACC/A3/2/6KO


Compare and contrast how sister services, key coalition partners (United Kingdom, Australia, Canada), and Fortune 500 companies attract, manage and maintain Cyber talent. Identify successes and pitfalls encountered when attempting to retain a healthy cyber mission force poised to operate effectively in the Offensive, Defensive, Expeditionary, and DoD Infrastructure domains. Provide recommendations on what the USAF could do better to entice, develop, and maintain long-term careers in cyber to better ensure hard-earned experience and talent is passed onto future generations of cyberwarfare Airmen. Should the CMF have its own separate standards for career progression, to include rewards and promotion consideration? If so, what would that structure look like? Reference Government Accountability Office (GAO) report 19-362 that validates the need to maintain a trained CMF.

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