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Implementation and Absorption Capacity for New Capabilities and Concepts

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  • HAF/A5SM Strategic Assessments

TOPIC SPONSOR: HAF/A5SM Strategic Assessments

Both the USAF (and U.S. Joint Force) and the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) have ambitious modernization plans. The PLA has a very aggressive spiral development cycle, but little is known about the PLA’s process of turning capability into operational utility. Understanding how the PLA converts knowledge (technology) for use when introducing a new capability will be valuable in determining timelines for future capability and concept employment. While the USAF’s capability development to fielding timeline may lag behind, the United States benefits from a strong history of concept and doctrine development. Using unitary analysis or comparative analysis, examine either or both of the USAF/Joint Force and PLA’s capacity to absorb new capabilities and concepts into demonstrated operational utility, identifying recommendations for accelerating change and innovation at scale within the USAF and DoD.