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Implementing AI & ML for cyber-enabled information operations

  • Published
  • By 16AF/A39


AI and ML have the potential to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of military actions and processes. However, there appears to be a gap in knowledge and action when it comes to actually acquiring and implementing tools on a large scale for specific mission sets such as information operations (IO). Developing a specific vision for AI-enabled tool suites and understanding the key limitations of implementation are the first steps to integrating these tools into existing planner and operator processes in a way that maximizes the contributions of both human and AI teammates to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of IO.

What AI-enabled suite of tools could enable the Information Warfare NAF to increase the pace and quality of Information Operations? What are the critical policy and technical limitations to harnessing AI and ML tools for the modernization of U.S. cyber-enabled information operations and what are the key requirements for solutions to overcome these limitations?