Guidance for SAASS and STP Applicants


You must create an “application” account, in order to apply. The application account is found under the “Applications” button at the bottom of the page. Please read and follow the instructions below to create your account.


Clicking on “Continue” beneath the instructions, will open a “login” page in a new tab/window.

Keep this window open for reference.


  1. Click “Continue” below
  2. If you do not have government certificates installed on the computer you are accessing the website through, your browser will warn you about the page you are about to access. Follow appropriate procedures to go to the page anyway (usually by clicking “Advanced” and selecting to proceed to the page.)
  3. There are two tabs at the bottom, titled “Resources” and “Admissions”. Click on “Admissions”.
  4. After clicking on “Admissions”, a dropdown will open beneath “Admissions”. “Click here to create your account.”
  5. On the next page, you should see a frame with the title “Create Applicant Account”. Create the account, and click “Submit” to submit.
  6. The following page will give you your “username”. Write the username down.
  7. Click “Back to login” to return to the login page.
  8. Login with username you wrote down, and the password you created.