SAASS Releases Class XXXI Selection List for AY21-22

  • Published
  • By Mark Jacobsen

SAASS is excited to welcome and announce its selectees for AY21-22—SAASS Class XXXI! AFPC released the PSDM on Monday, 21 Dec, announcing the 37 active duty USAF and USSF officers selected for next year’s class. These thirty-seven officers will be joined by three sister-service officers, three international military officers, and a member from both the Air Force Reserve and the Air National Guard, for a total class of 45 students.

Additionally, SAASS took the unprecedented step of selecting and announcing 15 members of the following year’s class (AY22-23). These officers had been previously selected to attend ACSC for AY21-22 and were invited in the fall to apply early for SAASS to give them advanced knowledge of being at Air University for two years. SAASS hopes that these early acceptances will help officers and their families make more informed decisions about housing, school options, spousal employment, and other personal and professional concerns. The remaining 30 spots in the AY22-23 will be filled through the traditional “on-time” application process in September and October 2021. Officers who applied early but were not selected this round are encouraged to apply again during the on-time application cycle.

Congratulations again to Class XXXI and the first fifteen from Class XXXII!