A P-38 Lightning and F-35A Lightning II fly in formation as part of a Heritage Flight display during the California Capital Airshow, Sept. 21, 2018, in Sacramento, Calif. The Heritage Flight display showcases the progression of our nation’s aviation history and represents the past, present, and future of Air Force airpower. (U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Airman Alexander Cook)
SAASS student Maj. Alex Criss (center), with Lt. Gen. Anthony Cotton (far left), Air University commander and president, and his SAASS classmates and faculty, upon his selection as the MGMWERX Pitch Night winner and recipient of $1.5 million toward his research pitch, May 21, 2019. Criss investigated the unidentified risk that fatigue poses to mobility Air Force operations in his SAASS thesis under the advisement of Lt. Col. Sarah Bakhtiari, professor of Strategy and Security Studies.
French Air Force Col. Olivier Kaladjian, Air Attaché presents U.S. Air Force Col. Stephen Renner with the French Médaille de la Défense Nationale (National Defense Medal) at the gold level on Oct. 17, 2018, Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama. Renner was honored with this prestigious medal for his actions during a 2017 deployment where he worked closely with French artillery troops. (U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Airman Alexa Culbert)
Chief of Staff of the Air Force General David L. Goldfein discusses his second priority, strengthening joint leaders and teams.
How do we prepare joint force leaders to think about air superiority at the strategic level?

School of Advanced Air and Space Studies

Welcome to the School of Advanced Air and Space Studies (SAASS)

Mission. Produce strategists through advanced education in the art and science of air, space, and cyberspace power for the Air Force and the nation.

AU’s School of Advanced Air and Space Studies (SAASS) is the US Air Force graduate school for strategists. A highly qualified and motivated faculty, a small and carefully selected student body, a coherent and challenging curriculum, outstanding educational and research resources, and a well-designed facility combine to produce tomorrow’s senior military leaders who are experts in the role of military force in the art of statecraft.

We have assembled a world-class faculty to lead a small, handpicked student body of mid-grade officers through the most rigorous fully-accredited strategic studies program in the Department of Defense.

With a twenty-five year proven track record of success, and over a thousand graduates--many filling senior leadership positions in the US and allied air forces and defense industries--we are passionate about building a better future though the education we offer.

At the core of our program is a one-year in-residence Master of Philosophy degree in Military Strategy. For a select cadre of our top graduates we also offer a Doctorate of Philosophy in Military Strategy. Our emphasis is not on military operations, per se, but rather on the strategic nexus where military and security professionals interact with decision makers on policy, diplomacy, international relations, geopolitics, and matters of military and political theory. In short, we take air, space, and cyber-minded officers and educate them to become strategists at the national level where the military tool--airpower in particular--is contemplated as one of several instruments of power that may (or may not) be appropriate for achieving national objectives.

Our students read extensively, write prolifically, and are thrust into debates where their skills of rhetoric are tested, weighed, and measured--as much by their peers as by their professors. We seek not only those who can make an argument, but those who can gather and use evidence correctly, incorporate new ideas and ways of thinking, and can accommodate diversity of opinion to find the best solutions for all sides of an issue.

We hope that by providing insight into our school that we will promote wider appreciation for strategic studies, not only in America, but among our allies and future partners as well. We are convinced that smarter strategists will build a safer, more secure world for us all.

Graudation 2018



125 Chennault Circle
Maxwell AFB, AL  36112-6335

SAASS and STP Applications Due NLT 19 Sep 2019!

SAASS Student Support & Research Guides

Air University Student Support & Research Guides

Drew Papers

Drew Papers CoverThe Drew Papers are award-winning master’s theses selected for publication by the School of Advanced Air and Space Studies, Maxwell AFB, Alabama. This series of papers commemorates the distinguished career of Col Dennis “Denny” Drew, USAF, retired.

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