Strategic Studies Quarterly

Volume 07 Issue 2 - Summer 2013

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  • Strategic Studies Quarterly, Air University, Maxwell AFB, AL

Asia, the Pacific, and the US Air Force’s Contribution to the Future of US National Security

Gen John A. Shaud, USAF, Retired and Kevin C. Holzimmer

The US Air Force has a unique opportunity to support President Obama’s vision for engaging with the Asia-Pacific region…it will involve a combination of traditional Air Force roles and missions as well as newer ones.

Assessing the US “Pivot” to Asia
David Shambaugh

This essay…goes beyond reactive commentary, taking stock of Washington’s new strategic initiative by viewing it historically, describing its different components, and assessing the positive possibilities and potential pitfalls.


US Grand Strategy, the Rise of China, and US National Security

Robert S. Ross

A balance of power in East Asia will require direct US strategic involvement to maintain a divided region. In many ways the pivot to East Asia has redefined US policy there, with potential implications for great-power relations and regional stability.


Upping the Ante: Chinese Encroachment, US Entrenchment, and Gulf Security
Dina Badie

China’s recent moves into the Middle East are viewed by Western political observers as a sign of looming encroachment by the rising Asian power and by the Gulf States as a welcome alternative.

The Rise of China and Varying Sentiments in Southeast Asia toward Great Powers
Il Hyun Cho

A better understanding of anti-great-power sentiments in the region is critical not only to managing the South China Sea dispute, but to gauging the future stability of the East Asian. 

Taiwan Public Opinion on Cross-Strait Security Issues: Implications for US Foreign Policy
Yuan-kang Wang

An understudied dimension of strategic ambiguity is Taiwan’s public opinion regarding the strength of US commitments to the island.

Shaping Air and Sea Power for the ‘Asia Pivot’: Military Planning to Support Limited Geopolitical Objectives
Michael Kraig and Lt. Col. Leon Perkowski

The USAF and US Navy should pursue… superiority over limited, well-defined domains that disallow a unilateral Chinese invasion of Taiwan as well as control of “sea lines of communication.

Staying In Step: The U.S. ‘Pivot’ and U.K. Strategic Choices
Gp Capt Clive Blount

The new Asian strategy provides a number of opportunities to strengthen and deepen the Anglo-American relationship as we move into an increasingly interdependent, global, era.

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