Strategic Studies Quarterly

Volume 06 Issue 1 - Spring 2012

  • Published
  • Strategic Studies Quarterly, Air University, Maxwell AFB, AL

Space and Cyber: Shared Challenges, Shared Opportunities

Madelyn R. Creedon

Enhancing Security by Promoting Responsible Behavior in Space
Ambassador Gregory L. Schulte
Audrey M. Schaffer


Implementing the National Security Space Strategy

Gen C. Robert Kehler, USAF


Space: Disruptive Challenges, New Opportunities, and New Strategies
Lt Gen Ellen Pawlikowski, USAF
Doug Loverro, DISES, USAF
Col Tom Cristler, USAF, Retired

China’s Military Role in Space
Dean Cheng 

New Frontiers, Old Realities
Everett Carl Dolman

Solar Power in Space?
Lt Col Peter Garretson, USAF

Designer Satellite Collisions from Covert Cyber War
Jan Kallberg

The Space Code of Conduct Debate: A View from Delhi
Rajeswari Pillai Rajagopalan

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