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Volume 11 Issue 4 - Winter 2017

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Gen Kevin P. Chilton (Retired)
On US Nuclear Deterrence 

Gen Kevin P. Chilton, USAF, Retired

There is no evidence that our self-imposed policies and constraints have constrained any other nuclear-armed or aspiring nuclear power. Simple prudence now demands that we take steps necessary to ensure the continued health of our current nuclear deterrent.

Paul Scharre
Highlighting Artificial Intelligence:  An Interview with Paul Scharre

AI today is a very powerful technology.  It is poised to change not only the way we think about productivity but also elements of national power.

Feature Article

China's Institutional Challenges to the International Order
China’s Institutional Challenges to the International Order 

Huiyun Feng and Kai He
When China faces a security challenge with disadvantageous prospects, it is more likely to take risks and conduct exclusive institutional balancing against the United States.


Commanding the Trend:  Social Media as Information Warfare
Commanding the Trend:  Social Media as Information Warfare 

Lt Col Jarred Prier, USAF 
Islamic State and Russia provide evidence of successful influence operations using social media.  The 2016 election proved that using social media to influence political outcomes is highly effective.  

Is it possible to uncover a troll network?  See related video

Overcoming the Cyber Weapons Paradox
Overcoming the Cyber Weapons Paradox 

Maj Timothy M. Goines, USAF
The prospect of employing cyber weapons creates a paradox between overt factors of deterrence and the covert nature of offensive cyber operations—and the paradox of cyber weapons themselves. 

Fighter Jets, Supercars, and Complex Technology
Fighter Jets, Supercars, and Complex Technology  

Ian MacMillan  
There are problems with the F-35, but this should come as no surprise. Like modern supercars, complex weapons are not designed and built overnight. With patience, there can be a silver lining.  

Rethinking the US Nuclear Triad
Rethinking the US Nuclear Triad  

Darius E. Watson  
The United States needs to critically reassess the current triad with an eye toward eliminating redundant or potentially ineffective systems such as the strategic nuclear bomber.  

Book Reviews

China's Military Transformation
China's Military Transformation

By:  You Ji
Reviewed by:  William E. Kelly, PhD

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