Strategic Studies Quarterly

Volume 14 Issue 4 - Winter 2020

  • Published
  • Strategic Studies Quarterly, Air University, Maxwell AFB, AL

  • Photo of oil refinery releasing toxic chemicals with an overlay of a chain with lock

    Missing: Legal Frameworks for Chemical Security

    Richard T. Cupitt and Mary C. Vecellio

    Is the legal framework for chemical security, as required of all UN member states, sufficiently developed and widely accepted to provide control and prevent national security threats? View bibliography.

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  • Image of atomic blast with the "no" symbol superimposed

    Nuclear-Weapons-Free Zones and Contemporary Arms Control

    Elizabeth Mendenhall

    Do nuclear-weapon-free zones (NWFZ) formalize mutual constraints on a regional basis, achieve security from nuclear weapons, and offer increased nuclear stability for the second nuclear age?     

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  • Photo of Dr. Stephen Chiabotti

    Dr. Stephen Chiabotti

    We pay tribute to author, scholar, and strategist Dr. Stephen Chiabotti, Colonel, USAF, retired. Steve was a founding member of the Strategic Studies Quarterly (SSQ) Contributing Editors group and the longest-serving member of the group to date—11 years. Air University and Strategic Studies Quarterly have lost an intellectual giant and dedicated servant whose influence will be sorely missed. Steve’s legacy will continue in the lives of his students, colleagues, and friends for generations.

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