Strategic Studies Quarterly

Volume 15 Issue 3 - Fall 2021

  • Published
  • Foreword

    Victor Mbodouma

    The editor outlines this issue's articles and introduces a new section, Par Avion (by airmail) featuring articles with international perspectives on US national security strategy. These articles offer international insights on how the US can strengthen its deterrent strategy while working collaboratively with allied states.

  • Strategic Imperative: A Competitive Framework for US-Sino Relations

    CAPT Michael P. Ferguson, USA

    Does forsaking the conceptual framework of competition signal a return to toothless engagement policies of the twentieth century, overlook the human rights abuses of competitors, abandon critical allies, and concede global influence and access to regional powers emboldened by decades of US collaboration?

  • The Remote Sensing Revolution Threat

    LTC Brad Townsend, USA

    What are the weaknesses in existing US ap­proaches to managing the remote sensing threat, and how can the US mitigate this emerging and ubiquitous threat?

  • Cover of Rebranding China

    Rebranding China: Contested Status Signaling in the Changing Global Order

    by Xiaoyu Pu
    Reviewed by David A. Anderson

    The author asserts that China projects mixed messages to its domestic and international audiences and needs to better articulate its preferred status. Sending mixed or confusing status signals can lead to geopolitical friction, distrust, and deep suspicions of China’s real intent by its own people and the global community at large.

  • Cover of Russia Abroad

    Russia Abroad: Driving Regional Fracture in Post-Communist Eurasia and Beyond

    by Anna Ohanyan
    Reviewed by LTC Andrew Forney, USA

    Beyond a thoughtful collection of intellectually rich essays, this book also provides a striking (and needed) counterpoint to a narra­tive of globalization that, while tested in the past, still holds sway today. It provides an interesting context to assess state fragility and regional fracture relative to Russia’s current machinations in its near-abroad.




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