About the Air University Teaching and Learning Center

        TLC Mission:  Support and enhance teaching and learning across all of Air University

        The TLC carries out the following Roles, Functions and Capabilities:

Advance AU Faculty Development

  • Develop lessons and presentations designed to promote faculty development

  • Provide extensive, indexed archive of online materials (articles, videos, examples, templates, and other) that enhance faculty development

  • Research, assess and provide books, articles, media and services designed to enhance faculty development   

  • Identify and conduct events as described below with specific focus on faculty development

  • Upon request provide informal assessments of AU faculty teaching effectiveness 

Support and improve AU Students Learning skills

  • Provide general tutoring to students who need guidance with their learning skills

  • Provide lessons on how to study, research and write in addition to writing lab activities

  • Provide online resources that explain and promote the most effective techniques for students to study, research, speak, listen and learn 

Enhance academic writing for AU through a Writing Commons

  • Lessons on writing

  • Online writing resources and services

  • Tutoring for writing

  • Writing workshops 

Promote, support and host collaborative events to enhance learning, partnering and outreach for AU

  • Events include workshops, presentations, forums and symposia for all AU faculty, students and partners

  • Events may be held at TLC or other venues potentially external to Maxwell/Gunter campus

  • When possible events will be digitally recorded, archived and distributed online

Provide a Idea Lab with space and resources for collaborative projects, active learning and innovation efforts

  • Reconfigurable furniture to support about 25 people with a variety of styles for presentations, exercises, and projects

  • Microsoft Hub to increase modes of idea exchange and development with technology

  • Numerous glass whiteboards for displaying and developing ideas

  • Easels, signs and other products designed to promote idea presentation and exchange

  • Availability of innovative software, mobile apps, and polling devices and apps 

Administer a Media Lab to conduct training and research on technologies and innovations beneficial to learning

  • Provide training resources, sessions and events for technology products in use at AU

  • Computer workstations to research, test and demonstrate software(s) that promote learning

  • Identify, promote and aid implementation of new educational technologies appropriate for AU  

  • Conduct multimedia training to teach and research how technology such as graphics, video and audio can promote learning

    • Training studio to demonstrate graphical, video and audio techniques

    • Cameras, backdrops, lights and microphones

    • Computers and software to collect, edit and archive media for learning  

Maintain TLC Facilities to support both TLC functions and other AU learning activities

  • Classroom

  • Auditorium

  • Idea Lab

  • Media Lab

  • Café 

Conduct or host Events and serve as Focal Point for AU teaching and learning

  • Collaborate with and support educators internal to AU including on-going communication and networking with faculty, academic program leaders, integration activities and AU leadership

  • Serve as a source of new ideas and innovation for AU teaching and learning through publications,  conference attendance and collaboration with educators external to AU

  • Conduct or host events such as workshops, forums, presentations or working groups that serve to enhance teaching and learning for AU


TLC Logo
600 Chennault Circle
Maxwell AFB, AL  36112