Facility Reservations

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  • Teaching & Learning Center, Air University, Maxwell AFB, AL

Reserve a TLC Space

Facilities play a key role in the TLC's mission to support and enhance teaching and learning across Air University. TLC facilities provide faculty and students with the means to conduct a wide variety of activities related to teaching and learning, including classes, projects, enhanced collaboration, presentations, forums, workshops, training, research, and more. Click on the icon to Make a Room Reservation.


The TLC Auditorium is a comfortable presentation space for up to 60 people. The room has fixed seating on three sides with an open area in the middle that usually includes a conference-style table for 12 people. This open area may be arranged differently with 3 to 4 separate tables as a common alternative. The audio-visual system was upgraded in 2020 to include a networked controller system, two 70” flat-screen TVs, projector, large projector screen, Blu-ray player, integrated audio, presentation feedback monitor, and two cameras for video teleconferencing. To reserve this space, click here.


The TLC Café is a collaboration space just outside the auditorium. The Café includes several tables and chairs, a kitchen area, snack cabinet, and refrigerator to support events and limited dining. The area is well-suited for informal study and provides a gathering spot before and after lessons, workshops, and events. This space can be reserved by emailing autlc@us.af.mil.


The TLC Classroom can accommodate up to 25 learners with comfortable seating and reconfigurable tables. The classroom is equipped with updated audio-visual and presentation technology, allowing faculty and students to share information in real time. Components include a 70” touchscreen monitor with MiraCast capability, standard 70” flatscreen TV, desktop computer, laptop computer, numerous glass whiteboards, and other peripherals. The TLC can also provide up to 20 laptop computers in the classroom for students to use during technical training or collaboration. To reserve this space, click here.

Idea Lab

The TLC Idea Lab is specifically designed and equipped to support active learning, design thinking, and project teaming with flexible configurations and learning technology. The Idea Lab can accommodate up to 25 learners with comfortable seating and reconfigurable tables.

The lab includes an 84” Microsoft Surface Hub providing presentation capability and a wide variety of applications, including video teleconferencing. Facilitators and students can easily share information using their tablets, phones, or laptops by casting their device displays directly to the Surface Hub. The space also includes five large 4’x8’ glass whiteboards and several easels to display, share, and capture ideas and concepts. To reserve this space, click here.

Media Lab

The Media Lab provides the capability for AU faculty and students to learn how technology and multimedia products can be included in lessons to motivate and support learning.

The Media Lab includes two high-performance workstations to demonstrate and provide training on various software programs and applications to improve AU education. Options include creating and sharing multimedia in the form of photos, graphics, videos, audio files, and even virtual reality to organize and enrich lesson development. The Media Lab has several cameras, microphones, and other audio-visual equipment for training faculty how to effectively capture video or audio to embed in lessons and learning objects. The Lab also offers other products such as a Wacom tablet for graphic design. To reserve this space, click here.