The Teaching Essentials Course (TEC)

The Teaching Essentials Course (TEC) prepares and supports instructors to effectively teach and promote learning. This course provides participants with a foundation of knowledge, theories, skills, and methods required of all instructors, regardless of discipline. In addition, the TEC equips participants with evidence-based practices for planning, executing, and evaluating learning events while emphasizing practical application. The TEC encourages student-centered learning by promoting flexible instruction to serve the diverse community of adult learners. The TEC's design offers various delivery options, including hybrid (face-to-face/online), synchronous online, and asynchronous online. Course content is made available for use by any Air University school or program and may be adapted to meet organizational needs. 

The course is organized into 6 modules with 25 lessons total. Modules include:

1. Foundations of Instruction
2. Theories of Teaching and Learning
3. Teaching and Learning Strategies
4. Educational Assessment
5. Learning Technology
6. Profession of Teaching

The course is available in face-to-face, hybrid, and (coming soon!) asynchronous (self-paced) modalities.  The course can be offered in its entirety or customized in parts that make sense for your team.

Please contact the Teaching & Learning Center for the enrollment procedures of each delivery option.  Email autlc@us.af.mil or call (334) 953-5454

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