TLC Media Lab

The TLC Media Lab is a space designed for using, training and researching learning technologies to enhance teaching and learning at Air University (AU). The Media Lab provides the capability for AU faculty and students to learn how technology and multimedia products can be included in lessons to motivate and support learning. Such efforts are directly applicable to implementing the Continuum of Learning model through support for different types of learners and anytime, distributed delivery.

Currently, the Media Lab includes two high-performance workstations to demonstrate and train various software programs and applications to improve AU education. These activities include creating and sharing multimedia in the form of photos, graphics, videos, audio files and even virtual reality to organize and speed up lesson development. The Media Lab has several cameras, microphones and other audio-visual equipment for training faculty how to effectively capture video or audio to embed in lessons and learning objects. The lab has various other products such as a Wacom tablet for graphic design and a large deck printer to support workshops and TLC events.  


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Media Lab

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