MSOTL Proposals - Deadline: 28 Jan 2022

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The scholarship of teaching and learning includes the empirical investigation of all facets of teaching, learning, and instructional design, from multiple perspectives and in multiple environments. Research questions can be ethnographic (What does the process of student learning look like?), comparative (Does this process vary for subgroups of students?), longitudinal (How does student learning change over time?), or interventional (Do students learn better because of this process?).

Methods to explore these questions can be quantitative, qualitative, or a mixture of both. The MSOTL Forum will be as inclusive as possible while focusing on military-based scholarship of teaching and learning.

MSOTL Forum presentations will be organized into concurrent sessions of 2 x 20-minute presentations + a question and answer period. The proposal you submit here is for one 20-minute presentation. Alternatively, proposals for 60-minute panel discussions will also be considered. Panel groups should submit just one proposal via a corresponding presenter.

If you have questions or need assistance completing this form, please contact Dr. Megan Hennessey at megan.hennessey@au.af.edu.

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