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Stage 6. Publish Your Writing

Publishing Style Guides


AU 1, Style and Author Guide, 2nd Edition (Air University). Part 2 of the Style and Author Guide provides instructions for manuscript submissions for publication by Air University Press. 


Chicago Manual of Style Online (University of Chicago Press). The Chicago Manual of Style Online provides recommendations on editorial style and publishing practices.


Background Information on Publishing


Publishing Your Writing (Colorado State University). Guide offers information on basic aspects of publishing your writing.


Online vs. Print Publishing (Colorado State University). Guide discusses the considerations for print and online publishing.


Writing a Journal Abstract (Purdue OWL). Provides help for writing a scholarly journal abstract.


Publishing with the Air University (AU) Press


Air University Press (AU Press). AU Press publications on airpower, space power, and cyber power for national security are available at no cost in electronic formats.


Guidance on Publishing. Access the following links to learn the publication process, production schedule, workflow, publication review board, manuscript format, and the forms required to submit a manuscript for publication at the AU Press.  


Publication Process


Submitting Manuscripts


Essential Publishing Forms


Publishing with the Air Force Research Institute  


Click on the following journal links to read the guidelines for submitting an article for publication in the Strategic Studies Quarterly and the Air and Space Power Journal


Your article submission should explore significant issues of current and continuing interest to the United States Air Force and the Department of Defense and serve as a vehicle for the intellectual enrichment of senior military officers, members of the government, and academia.


Air University Student Writing – Published & Award-Winning Samples (.mil required for full access)


Muir S. Fairchild Research Information Center (MSFRIC) Collections - “Air University Library” (Air University). Access student and faculty publications.  


Student Writing & Publication (Air War College, Air University). Access a selection of award-winning student papers and published military journal articles.


Squadron Officer School (SOS) Think Tank (SOS, Air University). SOS students participate in an examination of current Air Force issues and make recommendations on solving them.   


Blue Horizons Program (Center for Strategy and Technology, Air University). Annually, Air University students conduct a future-oriented study exploring military-technical and geostrategic competition and its implications for Air Force strategy and planning.


Drew Papers (School of Advanced Air and Space Studies, Air University). The Drew Papers are award-winning master’s theses selected for publication by the School of Advanced Air and Space Studies.


Maxwell Papers (Air War College, Air University). Maxwell Papers, the Air War College’s occasional papers series, focuses on current and future issues of interest to the Air Force and Department of Defense.


Wright Flyers (Air Command & Staff College, Air War College). Wright Flyers are occasional papers sponsored by the Air Command and Staff College.


Walker Papers (Air University). Walker Papers are published by military officers participating in the Air Force Fellows program.



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