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Facilitating Peer Review


Peer Review in the Classroom: A Guide for Students (MIT). Faculty from MIT’s Comparative Media Studies & Writing explain the peer review process to student writers.


No One Writes Alone: Peer Review in the Classroom - A Guide for Instructors (MIT). Faculty from MIT’s Comparative Media Studies & Writing explain how instructors conduct student peer review in the classroom.


Peer Review in the Writing Classroom (Cengage Learning). Dr. Robert Yagelski, State University of New York at Albany, presents strategies for conducting peer response in the writing classroom.  



Introducing Students to Peer Review of Writing (Chisholm, 1991). The article published in the Plymouth State University Journal on Writing Across the Curriculum (Volume 3, Issue 1, August 1991) describes the theory and practice of collaborative peer review in the classroom.


Why Students Hate Peer Review (David Gooblar, Columnist at Chronicle Vitae). Article that provides several strategies for conducting peer reviews that students find useful.


Overview of Student Peer Review

Using Peer Review to Help Students Improve Their Writing (Washington University in St. Louis). The Teaching Center website discusses opportunities to engage in student peer review to improve students’ writing skills.


How Can I Get the Most Out of Peer-Review? (WAC Clearinghouse). The website provides eight principles to conducting student peer review, and provides a brief discussion of each. 


11 Ways to Teach Peer Writing and Response, in Any Course and Any Size Class (Stanford University). The Stanford Center for Teaching and Learning publishes a series of Tomorrow's Professor Messages. Message No. 940 presents eleven activates to teach peer review.


Collaborative Learning/Learning with Peers (Dartmouth College). The website provides an overview of collaborative learning, which includes a discussion of peer review workshops.


Peer Assessment (Cornell University). The website defines peer assessment and how to employ it in the classroom.


Planning & Facilitating Student Peer Review

Planning and Guiding In-Class Peer Review (Washington University in St. Louis). The Teaching Center website discusses how to plan and guide student peer review in the classroom.


Conferences and Peer Review (University of Wisconsin - Madison). Comprehensive website that offers resources for instructors, including the following topics and examples found in the Conferences and Peer Review drop-down list:  

Activities for Focused Peer Review

Guidelines for In-Class Peer Review

Peer Review Checklist

Guidelines for Peer Review

Putting Together Peer Review Groups

Making Peer Review Work


Teaching Guide: Using Student Peer Review (Colorado State University). The Writing Studio provides resources for planning peer review sessions:

Planning for Peer Review Sessions

Helping Students Make Effective Comments

Helping Students Handle Divergent Advice

Resource: Sample Workshop Sheets



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