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The AU TLC conducts training and research for technologies applicable to learning.

Learning Technology Training

  • Provide training classes, events and resources for learning technology appropriate to AU
  • Conduct training for multimedia (video, audio, graphics) for use in AU curriculum and classrooms
  • Maintain digital products and multimedia equipment to support learning technology training and research
  • Provide access to online learning technology training resources and software to enhance faculty skills and curriculum development methods

Learning Technology Research

  • Identify, promote and aid implementation of new educational technologies appropriate for AU
  • Provide opportunities for AU faculty to use and experience new learning technology products and techniques
  • Collaborate with organizations and universities outside AU to discover best practices and policies for enabling learning technology

Learn Tech Tours (LTT)

The AU Teaching and Learning Center is proud to host Learn Tech Tours (LTT), an opportunity for AU faculty and staff to gather, learn, experiment, and implement emerging technologies used in learning environments throughout Air University. LTT meets most every Tuesday at 3pm to offer educators and staff at AU a dedicated venue by which to gain hands-on experience with a growing array of educational hardware, software, and other “gadgetry” designed to benefit the learning enterprise. Come connect with colleagues who, like you, want to stay “one-step ahead” on the curvy, sometimes treacherous learn-tech super highway!

office 365 adoption and user-level training

The AU TLC has implemented a four-phase strategy enable the Air University community to make full use of Microsoft Office 365 to enhance productivity and collaboration. This approach includes (1) self-paced tutorials, guides, and videos available online 24/7 via AFNet or commercial internet devices, (2) onsite workshops to be conducted by Microsoft Customer Support Unit, (3) weekly training sessions conducted by AU TLC on O365 essentials and applications unique to AU and academia, (4) personalized, onsite O365 training workshops at AU Schools/Centers upon request to fill any remaining O365 training gaps.
  1. Access the online training resources at the following links:
  2. Specific dates and locations for Microsoft CSU training workshops will be announced soon.
  3. Weekly O365 training sessions/topics will be announced via the AU TLC monthly newsletter and Learn Tech Tours email invitations.
  4. Set up O365 training sessions at your organization by contacting the AU TLC (autlc@us.af.mil or AUTeachingLearningCenter@hqau.af.edu).

adobe creative suite

The AU TLC is hosting training on selected Adobe Creative Cloud Suite applications: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premier, and Adobe InDesign. These apps and services are available at the AU TLC to enable faculty and students develop media-rich content to enhance their respective teaching and learning experiences. Each of these apps will be taught in two-session sequences: Beginner/Orientation on day 1, Intermediate/Advanced on day 2. You will learn how to design and edit videos, photos, audio, and print products to provide professional, finished, and impactful results. These training sessions will be conducted in the AU TLC Auditorium on the days listed below:

Adobe Illustrator (Beginner/Orientation): 16 April 1500 – 1600
Adobe Illustrator (Intermediate/Advanced): 17 April 1500 – 1600
Adobe Photoshop (Beginner/Orientation): 30 April 1500 – 1600
Adobe Photoshop (Intermediate/Advanced): 1 May 1500 – 1600
Adobe Premier (Beginner/Orientation): 14 May 1500 – 1600
Adobe Premier (Intermediate/Advanced): 15 May 1500 – 1600
Adobe InDesign (Beginner/Orientation): 28 May 1500 – 1600
Adobe InDesign (Intermediate/Advanced): 29 May 1500 – 1600

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