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This course is the first step in preparing personnel to mediate and/or facilitate workplace disputes, including EEO complaints, employee grievances, labor-management negotiations and unfair labor practice. The course focuses on the facilitation model and complies with Air Force Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) policy and procedures including the standards of self-determination, impartiality, confidentiality, and competence. The instruction includes Interest-Based Negotiation (IBN) concepts and prepares attendees to promote public confidence in Air Force Dispute Resolution processes. 

To All:

On behalf of the General Counsel's office and the Air Force Negotiation Center, thank you for participating in the Basic Mediation Course. Our hope is that you have a world-class experience. 

Prior to coming to the course, please download, (print/save) the "Air Force Mediation Compendium," using the link provided below. Bring an electronic or print version to class. Also, please download and save the attached "Desk Reference Material" for your future use.

Again... Thank you. I look forward to meeting you on Day 1.

Paul J Firman
DR Education & Training
Air Force Negotiation Center


AF Mediation Compendium - 4th Ed, 2012


ADR & The Air Force Leader
ADR Spectrum Handout
ADRA 1996
AFNC Negotiation Worksheet
Avoiding Impasse
Communication Skills
Confidentiality Guide (2006)
Mediator Standards of Conduct (2006)
Negotiating Across Cultures
Negotiation Article
Practical Guide to Negotiation in Military 2nd Edition  

This course equips First Sergeants with a foundational understanding of how to resolve or manage workplace conflicts in order to increase productivity and build teams. 

To All:

On behalf of the Air Force Negotiation Center and the General Counsel's office, thank you for enrolling in the Negotiation & Dispute Resolution Course (NADRC). You will experience a world-class program. 

Know there are selected readings with which you should engage before arriving at NADRC. Please read the Negotiations article, and the Facilitation & The Air Force Leader article (located below).

Also, please download and/or be able to access the Mediation Compendium, Avoiding Impasse, and Communication Skills docs during the course (also located below).

I look forward to seeing you!

Paul J Firman
DR Education & Training
Air Force Negotiation Center


Pre-Negotiation Worksheet (short version)
Suggested Opening Statement
Stacy Email
Corey Email
First Sgt & The N&DR Process Note Taker
Foundation of Negotiation Note Taker
Opening Statement Note Taker
AF DR Slides Note Taker


Air Force Policy Directive 51-12
Air Force Instruction 51-1201
Practical Guide to Negotiating in the Military (2nd edition)
AF Mediation Compendium - 4th Ed.


Pre-Negotiation Worksheet (long version)
Conflict Management and the Air Force Leader
Avoiding Impasse
Communication Skills
Negotiating Across Culture

Cross-Cultural Negotiations (CCN) 
As the Department of Defense (DoD) faces the increasingly complex security challenges of the 21st century, interaction with local populations of other cultures is a critical element that contributes to the success or failure of various missions. Cross-Cultural Negotiations is an important and practicable means for enhancing the ability of individuals to perform successfully over the full spectrum of operations. The overall objective of the Cross-Cultural Negotiations (CCN) course is to provide a framework to determine and employ essential negotiation strategies across cultures.

Cross-Cultural Negotiations Focus Areas:
Civil Affairs
Force Protection Planning
Humanitarian Assistance

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