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"We are proud of our center's history and we continuously strive to lead across the DoD in all we do here at The Air Force Negotiation Center (AFNC). AFNC is recognized as a leader in educating and training individuals and teams on conflict management, negotiation, mediation, and facilitation. Our instruction is presented across the Air Force and DoD, and delivered by our own world-class faculty.

In addition to training and education, the AFNC has a breadth of opportunities for academic scholars; we encourage individuals to engage in our publication programs through The Journal of Military Conflict Transformation (JMCT) and The Military Education and Training in Conflict Transformation (METCAT) Papers. 

Thank you for visiting our page, and we hope you take a moment to engage with us online or in person."

Thomas G. Matyók, Ph.D. 


Air War College article about Dr. Matyók

Thomas G. Matyók, Ph.D., Director

   Associate Professor, Conflict Analysis & Resolution

Thomas Matyók is Director of the United States Air Force Negotiation Center and Associate Professor of Conflict Analysis Resolution at the Air University. Tom has been professionally involved in conflict resolution as a mediator, negotiator, facilitator, trainer, executive and conflict coach, dispute systems designer, researcher, and professor. he   has consulted for private, civic, military, religious and community organizations. Tom has been interviewed for radio and television regarding international conflicts and national  security issues. He has negotiated significant international agreements and has been recognized for his ability by the United States Army and United States Coast Guard as well as national and international human rights organizations. Full Biography

Mr. Hank V. Finn

   Instructional Systems Program Manager

Mr. Finn has over 30 years of experience with the Air Force. As a career Operations Intelligence Officer, he served as all levels from Wing Intel Chief to Air Chief of a north Atlantic Air Defense Intelligence Division. As a MAJCOM Chief of Intelligence Inspections Division, he authored numerous joint, coalition, and special operations exercises throughout Europe and Southeast Asia. Full Biography

Mr. Paul J. Firman

   Chief, Dispute Resolution Education and Training

Mr. Firman is the Chief, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Education & Training at the Air Force Negotiation Center (AFNC), Maxwell AFB, Alabama. He directly supports the Air Force Chief of Staff Guidance to improve conflict resolution skills by ensuring relevant education and training programs are designed, developed, and delivered to the Total Force. Full Biography 

Mr. Richard P. Barbour

   Chief, Professional Continuing Education

Mr. Barbour is the Chief, Professional Continuing Education (PCE) at the Air Force Negotiation Center (AFNC), Maxwell AFB, Alabama. Designs, develops, implements, and manages Education and Training Programs for negotiation and mediation related curricula for the AFNC. He manages and administers Instructional Systems Design (ISD) Programs and Quality Control Process for the Total Force development of a range of Alternative Dispute Resolution Tools. Full Biography

Mr. David C. O'Meara

   Adjunct Professor and Curriculum and Exercise Developer

Mr. O'Meara is a Sole Proprietor and Independent education and teaching consultant to the Air University's Air Force Negotiation Center and the Air Force Culture and Language Center. He received his Bachelor of Science degree from the United States Air Force Academy in 1982 and also graduated with honors from the University of Nevada-Las Vegas with a Master of Arts in American History. Full Biography

Michelle A. Osborne, Ph.D.

   Director of Institutional Effectiveness & Editor in Chief, JMCT  

As the Air Force Negotiation Center (AFNC) Director of Institutional Effectiveness, Dr. Osborne monitors the progress and measures the effectiveness of all education, training, and leadership initiatives. With focus on the Negotiation Academic Division, she is responsible for creation and promotion of avenues for research and outreach in the study of "Conflict Transformation". Michelle also serves as the Editor in Chief for AFNC's publications: The Journal of Military Conflict Transformation (JMCT) and The Military Education and Training in Conflict Analysis and Transformation (METCAT) Papers. Full Biography