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Professional Roundtable Series: Military Education & Training in Conflict Analysis & Transformation

MGMWERX Montgomery, AL.

The Professional Roundtable Series was implemented as a part of the Negotiation Center's innovative approach to its Institutional Effectiveness Plan. The program's overall goals are to seek recommendations for enhancing education and training in conflict transformation, build awareness, collect data, and apply findings as a theory-informed practice. Through a series of strategically aligned events, the center will expand targeted programs and services, as well as develop a larger network of professional resources.

Specific Questions/Points of Interest:

Conflict Transformation - Military members often face barriers to cooperative efforts when interacting with external individuals/groups. How do military members address/eliminate those barriers in the given environment, at various levels?

Education and Training - What are the barriers our military faces in today's learning environment, and what can we do to eliminate those barriers or foster better practice and retention of skills and knowledge?

Research and Assessments - Concepts such as leadership, communication, and effectiveness are often hard to measure, particularly on a large scale. How do we assess student success, and how do we quantify that measure so that it accurately captures conflict transformation skills?

AFNC's October 2020 Roundtable Series event will focus on recommendations from various contributors throughout the conflict transformation community.

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