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The AFNC teaches or provides lesson materials at almost all levels within military education programs.

Professional Military Education

The AFNC teaches graduate-level electives and core leadership curriculum at the Air War College and Air Command and Staff College. The AFNC also provides core leadership presentations and cross-cultural negotiation curriculum at the Squadron Officer's College as well as curriculum development for Barnes Center courses. The AFNC also develops and supports Air Force active, blended, and distance learning programs for negotiations and cross-culture negotiations.

Professional Continuing Education:

The AFNC provides classes and seminars in the following areas and organizations: Eaker College seminars for the Comptroller's School, Equal Opportunity leadership and civilian supervisor's course; Judge Advocate school coursework; Expeditionary Skills Training; Air Advisor Course; Executive seminars for Special Operations leadership (and others); USAFSOS coursework; Joint Foreign Area Officer Orientation; Defense Language and National Security Education Office curriculum development in conjunction with the Joint Knowledge Online office.

Dispute Resolution:

The AFNC is transitioning to the education support arm of the Air Force General Counsel's alternative dispute resolution education program. AFNC provides negotiation and mediation education for formal courses and continuing education programs both in residence and through distance learning techniques.

The AFNC has developed elective and core course syllabus/materials and presented them across a variety of forums.  See the main Research Section for more details.

AFNC has written or produced both computer-based and paper-based simulations and exercises for classroom and interactive use.

AFNC Products

All products and papers produced by the AFNC are DOD-owned and available with no copyright issues. Many United States Government and educational institutions use the AFNC products at symposiums and conferences.

Education Interactions

The AFNC has presented at the AETC conference, the Inter-University bi-annual conference (University of Chicago), and the International Management Institute annual conference (American University).

The AFNC works with many agencies within the DOD and civilian community. We pride ourselves in providing the highest level of education and guidance on the negotiation and alternative dispute resolution process. Our outreach activities can be tailored to meet specific needs. See the AFNC mission brief for more details.

Air Force Outreach
The AFNC provides lessons and leadership to several areas of the AF General Officer pre-deployment program, the Air Staff, the Numbered Air Force, and to Wing Level. In addition, the AFNC writes and reviews curriculum for the Air Advisor Academy and offers tailor-made programs at the base level to support continuing education.

Joint Outreach

This area has included support for Navy Civil Affairs pre-deployment training and the National Training Center. The AFNC has assisted with NTC negotiation training development. We teach Joint Foreign Area Officer training seminars as well as current outreach to the US Army Warrant Officer College.

Maxwell Air Force Base and the River Region Community Outreach

The AFNC provides negotiation training and education on a non-interference basis to many groups in the local military and civilian community. This includes seminars for Civil Air Patrol members and senior leaders, education interaction and support to Auburn University, seminars for the Montgomery School System, executive seminars for local leaders, and real-world mediations for the 42nd Air Base Wing.