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To All: 

On behalf of the General Counsel’s office and the Air Force Negotiation Center we would like to thank you for participating in the Negotiation & Dispute Resolution course.  Our hope is that you experience a world class course while providing feedback on how we can tweak the course to best impact future First Sgts.  

Sorry to burden you with homework, but part of the feedback is how the pre-reading helps prep students.  Prior to coming to the course please read the attached document.  Each night there will be additional reading or and/or role-play preparation.  

Again… Thank you!  We look forward to seeing you! 

Paul J Firman
Chief, ADR Education & Training
Air Force Negotiation Center


Day 0 “Prior to course start”:
- Read the Negotiations article prior to Day 1


Day 1 Homework:
- Read the Negotiating Across Cultures article. Consider how some of these concepts can
apply to your work environment?


Day 2 Homework:
- Read the Mediation Article
- Read the following pages from the Air Force Mediation Compendium:

What is ADR? (Pages 2 - 6 including Scope of Workplace Mediation)
What the Parties Need to Understand about Mediation (Pages 15 – 23)
Mediator Opening Statement (Pages 27 – 35)
Statutory Confidentiality (Pages 38 – 40)
Air Force Standards of Conduct (Appendix 3-A)

 NOTE: Every student will practice their opening statement the morning of Day 3.
- Review the Sample Opening Statement
- Review and prepare your opening statement using the checklist 
- Review and prepare for Mediation Role-play #1


Day 3 Homework:
- Review and prepare for Mediation Role-play #2 & #3

NOTE: Consider additional reading from the Compendium and Practical Guide