Gain/Sustain Momentum

This phase focuses on expanding the K-12 Team, lengthening the planning horizon, deepening relationships, and tackling long-term goals. As efforts continue, new stakeholders may be identified and included. For example, elected officials and chambers of commerce can be force multipliers. Expanded networks present opportunities to identify goals and plan initiatives beyond the current Command Team’s assignment. Gaining/sustaining momentum also requires a more deliberate approach to communication, both internally to military families and externally to the community. The School Liaison Office should continue to be the focal point and may require additional support as ‘Reach Goals’ are pursued. 


Expanded Analyses

  • Additional external stakeholders
    • Local elected officials
    • State-level officials
    • Other non-profit organizations
    • Other military installations
  • Revised SWOC
  • Long-term TIC

Deepening Relationships

  • Establish a military educational council
  • Expand the team:
    • Community members
    • Chambers of Commerce
    • Medical Treatment Facility
  • Regular interactions with key stakeholders (e.g., Base tours & airshows)
  • Train-the-trainer at local schools

Longer-Term Planning

  • Expanded brainstorming
  • Deeper consultation with stakeholders
  • Identify ‘reach goals’ (2 to 5-years)
  • Extend planning horizon
  • Communications plan:
    • Internal: social media, AF News, etc.
    • External: local and national media

Pursuing 'Reach Goals'

Examples of Success