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These publications, carrying assigned Air University (AU) numbers, were written by AU students, faculty, or staff members. Some are used in AU resident or nonresident courses while others are unique to Air University, such as the Style and Author Guide, publications catalog, and registrar’s course catalog.

AU Texts

Dr. Marvin Bassett, Editor

Air University Style and Author Guide

Dr. Fil J. Arenas, Dr. Daniel Connelly, and Maj Michael D. Williams, USAF

Developing Your Full Range of Leadership

Air Command and Staff College

Guidelines for Command

Dr. John Kline

Listening Effectively

Air Command and Staff College

Space Primer [ONLINE ONLY]

Dr. John A. Kline

Speaking Effectively

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AU Press publications are available at no cost to active duty, total force, and retired military and to Department of Defense personnel and organizations. Publications can be ordered by e-mail at or by calling 334-953-2773 (DSN 493). Please note some of our publications are only available online.

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