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Inbound Checklist: U.S. Air Force

Inbound Checklist: U.S. Air Force

 QUESTIONNAIRE  Complete/return Questionnaire to awc.studentops@us.af.mil NLT 1 Mar

 BIOGRAPHY, PHOTO & SURF  Send your bio, photo (in a separate file) and a copy of your SURF (CDB for Guard/Reserve) to awc.studentops@us.af.mil NLT 1 Mar

 NIPR ACCESS FORMS All students must sign and return the NIPR User Agreement Portfolio (containing 4 files) to awc.studentops@us.af.mil NLT 1 Jun

 SECURITY CLEARANCE  All students are required to have a Top Secret clearance to attend AWC.   If you do not currently have a TS clearance, please initiate it with your Security Manager ASAP.   Additionally, if you are currently filling an SCI-level billet, ask your SSO for a Transfer-In-Status (TIS) to the AU/SSO at Maxwell AFB, Alabama (DSN 493-6715/3606).   Finally, if your TS clearance is within 60 days of the 6-year expiration date, you must begin the update process through your current security manager.  Please contact the AWC security manager (DSN 493-1399/commercial (334) 953-1399) with any questions

 NARRATIVE-ONLY PROMOTION RECOMMENDATION  FORM (N-O PRF)   Active Duty Air Force students must have a N-O PRF completed/processed by their losing senior rater, IAWAFI 36-2406, para,  prior to arrival at AWC.  This is a member and losing rater/unit responsibility. AWC does NOT receive PRFs

 MyVector Development Plan Active Duty O-5s w/o a line number must update their ADPs and/or MyVector with post-AWC assignment preferences prior to arrival at AWC

 LEAVE  Take sufficient leave prior to arrival at AWC to avoid falling into a “use or lose” situation during the academic year.  AWC will NOT authorize ordinary leave to students during the academic year, except for during a two-week holiday break in December. There is no Spring Break at AWC.

 ADLS Training  All US Air Force students (Active Duty, Guard, Reserve, Civilians) must be current in all their ADLS training requirements throughout the academic year. This includes the DoD Information Awareness certificate

 FITNESS STANDARDS   US Air Force students (Active Duty, Guard and Reserve) must maintain a current/passing PFT test score throughout the academic year IAW AFI 36-2905.

 IMR Requirements  US Air Force students (Active Duty, Guard and Reserve) must maintain current IMR requirements throughout the academic year

 DEERS All DoD students must update their information in DEERS by the first day of class. Each student can verify his/her information in DEERS by going to https://milconnect.dmdc.osd.mil/milconnect/

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