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General Henry "Hap" Arnold EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP Series

Inspiring others through true stories of service, commitment, and integrity.

One of our longest-lasting outreach programs is the General Hap Arnold Executive Leadership Series (ELS) established in 2011. Our program began as a lecture series which was offered across the country as well as locally. We have recently focused on partnerships with universities in our region, bringing our program to Auburn University at Montgomery, Auburn University, Troy University Montgomery, and Troy University. We also work with community organizations to share our program with local businesses through groups such as the Auburn Chamber of Commerce and the Auburn Rotary Club.

Themes in the past have focused on Leadership in Changing Times, Leadership After Decades of War, and Values-Based Leadership. The program is currently focused on Executive Leadership as we connect with more education and community groups in the River Region.

The Hap Arnold ELS is designed to strengthen ties with the community and support mutual learning and communication between civilians and military officers. We actively seek opportunities to increase dialogue and deepen understanding with members of the community to build and maintain strong relationships. We strive to identify opportunities for AWC students and faculty to interact with members of the community throughout the year.

In September of each academic year, AWC students are selected based on their professional acumen and proven leadership. A team of faculty select students for slots on panels of varying sizes tailored to the length or need of a specific event. Panel members come from various military branches and Department of Defense agencies such as, the Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, FBI and CIA. Other senior civilians are from agencies such as State Department and USAID.

For our students, the Hap Arnold Program enhances the objectives for the AWC:

-Critically analyze complex political-military issues and clearly articulate through written and oral methods solutions to influence senior level decisions.

-Capitalize upon diverse personal and professional relationships forged from the broader AWC educational experience.

The Hap Arnold ELS typically schedules presentations in the spring term for students, but faculty often speak throughout the year. For more information, please contact Colonel Christopher Richie, USMC Adviser to the AWC, Department of Leadership and Warfighting: christopher.richie@us.af.mil.

* United States Agency International Development, United States Air Force, United States Army, Defense Intelligence Agency, Army National Guard, United States Marine Corps, Department of State, and Department of the Air Force.

Air War College Faculty Outreach

Operational Design Faculty Outreach: Mr. Chris Wilbeck and Col James Rodriguez supported a Combined U.S./Indonesian Exercise by conducting an Operational Design Workshop in Jakarta, Indonesia from 19-23 AUG 2019. Ghema Bhakti is an annual INDO-PACOM joint, bilateral exercise which focuses on operational level planning in a notional scenario. This year marks the 4th iteration of this exercise, which is designed to promote positive military relations, increase cultural awareness, and enhance training and understanding of each other’s military capabilities and planning processes. 


The purpose of this Operational Design workshop was to educate U.S. and Indonesian Officers on the Joint methodology of Operational Design and the output of the workshop was an understanding of the strategic guidance and direction for the exercise scenario, an understanding of the current and desired operational environment, an approved problem statement, and an initial operational approach. These products will be used to inform detailed planning through the Joint Planning Process portion of the exercise in September, 2019.