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The Air War College has educated tens of thousands of officers since it began offering senior professional military education in Academic Year 1947 in residence and then via distance learning. Under the history tab on this web site, you’ll find an essay by former professor at the Air War College, Dr. Jim Mowbray, who was instrumental in keeping alumni connected for years and the Alumni Association Faculty Adviser. His essay was published as part of a fairly comprehensive list of alumni in 2007 which included an alphabetical directory of phone numbers, addresses, and emails for as many students as could be found. The hardbound book was further divided into lists of students per class and by geographic regions, including countries for our international fellows. The last section was divided into current/most recent professions. The only thing missing was a directory for faculty!

We have some catching up to do for alumni from 2007 forward, but it’s now a mission. While we work from our end, alums have begun a LinkedIn site to get connected: Air War College LinkedIn. Please link in via that site and get connected to alumni.

In 1946, the Air War College welcomed its first students. In 1947, we graduated our first class and began the long tradition of creating AWC alumni. And every year since we’ve proudly been educating and graduating our senior officer and civilian students (even when war cut the year short). Our alumni go on to take places on the global stage as strategic leaders in military service, in government, education, or business.

Our latest graduates are from all military services and from over 44 countries around the world as well as many US government agencies. Our graduates moved from the AWC last year into command positions all over the globe, to international agencies, and to prestigious appointments—continuing the tradition of AWC graduate student success.