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Research at the Air War College

Students at the Air War College write professional studies research papers over the course of 10 months’ residence. These papers address questions raised by strategic leaders in across all military services and many government agencies. Students typically have an authentic audience for their work, a 2-star or 3-star General who wants answers to questions directly connected to their functional or combatant command. Some services also publish lists of areas for research that are related to national security. The War Colleges—Army, Navy, and Air—as well as other JPMEII schools, share these lists with all students to help guide research.

At the Air War College, we also have multiple research task forces which study questions and develop research answers for specific leaders. Our research task forces, housed at the Air War College* and at Air Command and Staff College, include the following:

  • Innovators by Design task Force
  • Airpower Vistas: The Airpower Research Task Force*
  • ACTS 2.0 Task Force
  • Vigilance Horizons: Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance Task Force
  • Virtual & Augmented Reality Task Force
  • Surgeon General's Task Force*
  • Space Horizons Task Force

Other two-term research task forces include the Cyber Studies and Deterrence Studies Task Forces.