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  • General Education Mobile (GEM) Schools

    GEM is an exciting partnership between the Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) and civilian academic institutions.  GEM offers General Education courses to meet CCAF associate in applied science (AAS) degree requirements. Courses are offered in a distance learning format: 

  • Education Services

    The Air and Space Force provides academic advice and offers financial assistance to airmen and space professionals in planning and pursuing their educational goals. Education services offices are composed of professional educational administrators, guidance counselors, academic advisors, education

  • Credentialing Programs Flight

    We are the college's focal point for professional credentialing.  Our mission is to research and evaluate national professional credentials applicable to specific occupational specialties for possible award of CCAF collegiate credit.  We assist in aligning CCAF degree programs with industry

  • Instructions for Checking CCAF Graduation Requests in AFVEC

    **These instructions are only for students who were nominated for graduation by their local Education Center or Force Development Office between 28 August 2022 and 3 October 2022**Navigate to AFVEC  Click Login (use your CAC):   Click the menu bar on the left side of the page: Click ‘CCAF Action

  • CCAF "Service Now" Instructions

    This article describes how to create an Air University (AU) Service Desk account and how to submit a CCAF request in AU Service Desk

  • Community College of the Air Force

    The Community College of the Air Force is a federally-chartered academic institution that serves the United States Air Force's enlisted total force. We partner with 111 affiliated Air Force schools and over 300 Education Service Offices located worldwide to serve approximately 270,000 active, guard,