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  • Blue Horizons Program IDE Application

    Blue Horizons is a multi-rank IDE/SDE program, chartered by the Chief of Staff of the Air Force to "explore future geo-strategic and military-technical competition to build advantage for the United States." Blue Horizons Fellows participate in this program full-time in lieu of attending AWC or ACSC. This year, we plan to select 16 participants: 5 Lt Cols from the incoming AWC class and 11 Majors from the incoming ACSC class. We’re looking to build a team that represents adiverse array of Air Force specialties—from operations and acquisition to support career fields. 
  • Blue Horizons Program SDE Application

    Congratulations on your selection to attend Air War College for Academic Year (AY) 2020!  As you prepare for the move to Air University, we would like you to consider applying for a unique type of educational experience for the year ahead—the Blue Horizons program.  Blue Horizons is a competitively-selected, multi-rank IDE/SDE program, chartered by
  • Blue Horizon AY 20 Bios

    Lieutenant Colonel Albert J. “A.J.” Ashby enlisted in the Air Force in 1990 and received his commission after completing Air Force Officer Training School in 2001.  He has extensive experience in space systems acquisition and operations with leadership assignments within the Intelligence Community and staff positions at Headquarters Air Force.  He
  • CSAT Faculty and Staff

    Colonel Ben Phillips — Director of CSATColonel Ben "Dabs" Phillips (University of Missouri, BS Physics; Midwestern State, MA Political Science; MIT Sloan School of Management, MBA) is an Individual Mobilization Augmentee (IMA) assigned to the HQ USSOUTHCOM J3 as Director, Joint Operations & Intelligence Center.  His active military career included
  • Blue Horizon AY 19 Bios

    Lt Col Dean E. Berck is a command pilot with 1,850 hours in the F-15E. He commissioned through the United States Air Force Academy in 2000 with a BS degree in Biochemistry. He is an Olmsted Scholar and instructor pilot. He was assigned to the Joint Staff J-5, where he worked with inter-agency partners to ensure the CJCS was fully prepared for
  • Blue Horizon AY 18 Bios

    Colonel Michael Artelli was commissioned from the United States Air Force Academy. He has held leadership positions at the Headquarters Air Force level, two Major Commands and two component Numbered Air Forces. As an USAF Test Pilot School graduate, he has flown more than 30 types of military aircraft and conducted over a hundred F-15 and F-16
  • Occasional Papers

    OP 01 Reachback Operations for Air Campaign Planning and Execution, by Scott M. Britten, Sep 1997  OP 02 Lasers in Space: Technological Options for Enhancing US Military Capabilities, by Mark E. Rogers, Nov 1997 OP 03
  • Blue Horizons Briefings & Reports

    Blue Horizons 2013 Quick Report (public release) Blue Horizons 2013 Briefing to the National Security Forum, 9 May 2013 (public release) Blue Horizons 2012 Final Briefing (public release) Blue Horizons 2010 Final Briefing (public release) Blue Horizons 2009 Final Briefing (public release)
  • 2014 Research Papers

    Warfare In The Electromagnetic Spectrum and Cyberspace: United States Air Force Cyber Electromagnetic Warfare Command Construct, by Cole, Feb 2014 Peace Through Mutually Assured Survival - Global Transparency through Ubiquitous Satellite Imagery, by Meeks, Feb 2014 Establishing Military Utility Of Non-Traditional Sensing,
  • 2013 Research Papers

    Building a Competitive Edge with Additive Manufacturing, by Bennett and Pettus, 2013 The Third Nuclear Age: How I Learned to Start Worrying About the Clean Bomb, by Denton, 2013 Sacred Cows and Stubborn Mules: the Imperative to Reform the US Code, by Lehew, Feb 2013 A National Solution: Rethinking the Employment
  • 2012 Research Papers

    Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Processing, Exploitation, and Dissemination System in Support of Global Strike in 2035, by Bowman, 2012 Cyber Capabilities for Global Strike in 2035, by Clothier, 2012 The End of Hegemony: Technologies of a New Tripolar World, by Fiorenza, 2012 Defeating Hard and
  • 2011 Research Papers

    Finding the Shape of Space, by Shannon et al, July 2011 Discord or "Harmonious Society"? China in 2030, by Geis et al, Feb 2011 Failed State 2030: Nigeria - A Case Study, by Kinnan et al, Feb 2011 Going for Gold: A Path Toward Petroleum-Independence in the 2030 Air Force, by Azzano, 2011 The Ring of
  • 2010 Research Papers

    2035 Biodeterrence: Problems and Promises for Biodefense, by Burke, 2010 High Power Microwaves on the Future Battlefield: Implications for U.S. Defense, by Capozzella, 2010 Cyberdeterrence in 2035: Redefining the Framework for Success, by Gloystein, 2010 Toward Cyber Omniscience: Deterring Cyber Attacks by
  • 2009 Research Papers

    Blue Horizons II: Future Capabilities and Technologies for the Air Force in 2030, Executive Summary, by Geis et al, July 2009 Resurgent Russia in 2030: Challenge for the USAF, by Hailes et al, Sep 2009 National Energy Security and Reliance on Foreign Oil, by Dall, 2009 Rising Dragon: Deterring China in 2035, by
  • 2008 Research Papers

    Next Generation Nanotechnology Assembly Fabrication Methods: a Trend Forecast, by Vincent T. Jovene Jr, Jan 2008 Commercial Eyes in Space: Implications for US Military Operations in 2030, by Bell, March 2008 

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