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  • AF First Sergeant Academy

    The AF First Sergeant Academy (FSA) is a leadership development and technical training course designed to train, educate, and develop select senior noncommissioned officers to serve as United States Air Force first sergeants. First sergeants advise commanders on the readiness, health, morale, welfare, and quality of life of Airmen and families to ensure a mission-ready force. The FSA is a total force academy and integrates students from the active duty, Air Reserve, and Air National Guard components. The course is accredited by the Community College of the Air Force and currently awards nine semester hours towards a degree in Human Resource Management. Upon graduation, students are awarded the special duty identifier (SDI) 8F000 and authorized to wear the first sergeant chevron.
  • Welcome to the First Sergeant Academy!

    1. On behalf of the Commandant, faculty, and staff, congratulations on your selection to attend the United States Air Force First Sergeant Academy. Your educational experience at the First Sergeant Academy will include an intense curriculum designed to prepare you for first sergeant responsibilities and ultimately your role as a future senior

USAF First Sergeant Academy
550 McDonald St, Bldg 1143
Maxwell-Gunter AFB AL 36114-3107