Holm Center - Curriculum Area Manager, Academic Affairs (81T0)

Location: Maxwell AFB, Montgomery Al, 36112-6426

Tour Length: 3 years

Description: Develops, implements, and evaluates one of four Aerospace Studies (AS) portions of the AFROTC curriculum for 144 detachments and one of the five portions of Officer Training School (OTS) curriculum (Leadership Studies, Military Studies, Profession of Arms, Communication Skills and Field Leadership) for pre-commissioning and direct commissioning programs in accordance with school and HQ AETC policies, Air University’s Commissioning Education Memorandum of Understanding (CEMU), and USAF-sanctioned principles of Instructional Systems Development (ISD). Lectures, provides individual instruction, mentoring, and in-service training for up to 18 OTS classes each year. Develops training objectives, standardized lesson plans, and student study guides for over 550 OTS and ROTC instructors.

Eligibility: Captains [USAF/USSF]. Highly desired – exceptional platform teaching skills; excellent writing skills based on ability to synthesize research/source documents into educational materials that will be read by ROTC and OTS students/faculty; professional attitude and appearance; excellent interpersonal skills; background in education.

Clearance: National Agency Check

POC: DSN 493-1015

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