Journal of Indo-Pacific Affairs Articles

  • Preparing for War with China, 2025–2032

    The US needs to prepare for potential war with China in the 2025–2032 timeframe. Some leaders may choose to ignore the signs of China’s designs for altering the world’s balance of power. However, that does not erase China’s aggressive behavior in the SCS and ECS over the past

  • Maritime Great-­Power Competition: Coast Guards in the Indo-­Pacific

    The US Coast Guard possesses a unique set of authorities and operational capabilities that make it particularly effective in gray-­zone operations, which could allow the United States to exert a less escalatory military presence that bridges gaps between the high-­intensity warfighting

  • Chinese Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Systems

    This article examines how China has been building a wide variety of ISR systems to provide its forces with enhanced capabilities, including systems that we must expect will be available for military use even if nominally civilian. China has said its policy of military-civil fusion will include the


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