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Attention scholars, strategists, and Indo-Pacific enthusiasts! Are you passionate about the complex and dynamic forces shaping this critical region? Do you have groundbreaking insights and fresh perspectives to share?

Air University Press, home to the prestigious Journal of Indo-Pacific Affairs, is proud to announce its groundbreaking new book series: StrateForge.

StrateForge is not just another collection of academic tomes. It's a forge – a crucible where diverse minds come together to hammer out bold ideas and illuminate the geopolitical, security, diplomatic, geoeconomic, and cultural trends reshaping the Indo-Pacific.

We're calling all visionary thinkers!

Are you an expert on China's Belt and Road Initiative? Do you have cutting-edge research on maritime security in the South China Sea? Perhaps you're a cultural anthropologist with unique insights into the region's evolving social fabric.

StrateForge wants you!

We're seeking book editors to spearhead specific thematic compilations and contributing authors to share their expertise in individual chapters. This is your chance to shape the narrative, challenge conventional wisdom, and contribute to a richer understanding of the Indo-Pacific's present and future.

Join the StrateForge movement!

Contact the editing team directly to submit proposals and become part of this critical intellectual endeavor. Together, let's forge a deeper understanding of the Indo-Pacific and its impact on our world.

Remember, the future is being shaped right now. Be a part of shaping it.

Call to action: Email strateforge@au.af.edu for more information and submission guidelines.

Submission Guidelines

The StrateForge book series editors seek manuscripts from both military and civilian writers on such topics as

  • The evolving geopolitical landscape of the Indo-Pacific
  • Security dynamics and emerging threats
  • Economic integration and infrastructure development
  • Cultural shifts and societal transformations
  • The role of technology and innovation
  • Regional challenges and opportunities

Authors may submit manuscripts on these topics drirectly to the editors for consideration: strateforge@au.af.edu


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