Journal of Indo-Pacific Affairs Articles

  • Preventing War in the South China Sea

    Aggressive Chinese endeavors in the South China Sea (SCS) will develop into hostiles between the United States, China, and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) countries if Washington, Beijing, and ASEAN do not take steps to quell rising tensions. Sea routes through the SCS carried

  • Money and Minds: Is China Dominating ASEAN Social Media and eCommerce?

    Social media, digital marketing, and e-commerce are a part of citizens’ daily lives across the globe. As of 2021, nearly two-thirds of the world’s population are active Internet users, and more than half are active social media users. With more than $3.8 trillion spent in the online

  • ASEAN Outlook on the Indo-Pacific and Persian Gulf Stability

    The states of Southeast Asia, South Asia, and the Persian Gulf regions deal with similar challenges in three areas: the struggle for natural resources, particularly at sea; the necessity of freedom of navigation for economic growth, transportation, and trade; and the geopolitical complications


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