Journal of Indo-Pacific Affairs Articles

Tag: professional military education
  • Opening the Door to Cultural Understanding and Mutual Cooperation: Multinational Military Partnerships and Educational Outreach

    This article will explore the current status of our military and diplomatic relations with allies in the Indo-Pacific theater through published research and the authors’ anecdotal experiences from working with multinational partners during different assignments, exercises, and distinguished visitor support to highlight Department of Defense successes, failures, and areas for improvement. These qualitative experiences will illuminate how cultural understanding is the key to the multilateral success of the United States’ alliance network.

  • Untapped Potential between India and Japan in the Indo-Pacific: Pursuing International Military Education

    This article argues that there is a need for dialogue regarding the development of more profound international military education programs, particularly cadet-level trainings and exchanges, and also a need for the implementation of potential collaborative exchanges, programs/courses, scholarships, and conferences between Indian and Japanese cadets.
  • Building the Next Generation of Chinese Military Leaders

    How does the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) People’s Liberation Army (PLA) treat senior military leadership development? This article answers this question by looking at what the PLA views as a good leader, how it develops such leaders, and when the new generation of PLA leaders will emerge.


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