Journal of Indo-Pacific Affairs Articles

  • The Rise of Great Mineral Powers

    Minerals play a crucial role in bolstering a state’s military capabilities, defining its “mineral power.” This study assesses a state’s mineral power by evaluating its access to secure mineral supplies from four key sources: domestic production, government stockpiles,

  • Australia’s Role in the Quad and Its Crumbling Ties with China

    The devastating COVID-19 pandemic further brought the Quad states together, shifting their agenda to more immediate goals of vaccine diplomacy, health crisis management, medical supply distribution, and collective plans to kickstart economic recovery. Nonetheless, amid the pandemic, tensions

  • Warning: There Are Two Other Chinese Epidemics—Finance and Technology

    There are signs of systemic weakness and rising risk to the global community as China expands its market share and competes globally in the finance and information communications technology (ICT) sectors. There is the specter of an immediate pandemic in global finance and an emergent pandemic in


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